Expert Alteration Services In Ohio - Tailored to Fit

Expert Alteration Services In Ohio - Tailored to Fit

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Get the perfect fit for your suits, jackets, and tuxedos. J&A Custom Clothing offers expert alteration services in Ohio! Place your online alteration order today!

A well-made suit and jacket should exude an elegant and refined appearance, tailored to enhance your body shape while allowing you to move comfortably. At J&A Custom Clothing, our alteration services include a wide range of styles, both contemporary and traditional, including vintage silhouettes and structured or fitted designs. We can create and alter single and double-breasted jackets and cater to suits with or without lining. Our experienced team will provide you with the perfect fit, whether you are getting your suit, tuxedo, or jacket altered.

Get Superior Men’s Suit Alterations In Ohio

Whether you want us to alter a new suit that does not fit you the way it should or completely remake an old suit to give it a trendier look, we can help. If your suit does not fit well with your body shape, our expert tailors will modify it to ensure it is a precise fit.

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1. To what extent can you adjust the size of a suit or jacket?

When it comes to suit alterations, it is important to understand that reducing or removing excess fabric is easily doable; however, increasing the size is limited, and the extent of this limitation depends on how much extra fabric is available within the seams and hems of the garment. Tailored suits or jackets, particularly those of premium quality or the ones stitched as custom-made items, often have more allowances to accommodate possible size changes over time. On the other hand, if you have an off-the-rack or budget-friendly suit or jacket, it may have very little or no excess fabric to allow size adjustments. Therefore, if your garment is slightly too large, there is a higher chance of successful alteration compared to making a small garment larger.

2. What modification services do you provide for suit jackets?

Our men's jacket alteration services include replacing the jacket button, shortening the jacket sleeve from the shoulder, shortening the jacket sleeve from the end, tapering jacket sleeves, altering jacket hems, taking in jacket sides, and repairing or replacing jacket pockets.

3. What is the turnaround time for your alteration services?

Our turnaround time for different alterations varies depending on the nature and extent of alteration required and our current workload. Usually, simple alterations can be completed in five days, while more elaborate changes may take a bit longer. At most, you can expect to receive your order in two weeks, inclusive of shipping time. We will try to accommodate your needs and provide you with a clear delivery time when you send us your garments for alterations.

4. How much do your alteration services cost?

The cost of our alterations depends on the nature of the alteration work required. We have standard rates for our services, as per which basic alterations, such as hemming or adjusting sleeves, are generally more affordable than major modifications. Rest assured, we offer competitive pricing. We can also provide you with a quote for custom alterations. Please get in touch with us for details!


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