About Us

At J&A Custom Clothing, we believe clothes should make you feel new and exude confidence. That's why we've been the go-to custom clothier since 1995, helping our customers feel like they are wearing a piece of art.

We are focused on making the process as easy and streamlined as possible, starting with our friendly staff, who will help you find exactly the right look for your body type and personal style. Then we take care of everything else—custom tailoring, expert advice on fabrics and fit, and more—so you can focus on what matters most: looking fabulous!

Making You Look Your Best Since 1995

J&A Custom Clothing knows that nothing is more important than how you look. That's why we take the time to get to know each of our clients and find out what they want. We're not just tailoring clothes—we are creating bespoke styles for you to feel confident and "made new" in your wardrobe and how you present yourself to the world.

We started in 1995 as a small alterations company. We learned how to meet the needs of each client on a personal level, creating styles that fit them best and matched their vision for their wardrobe. As we've grown, we haven't forgotten about our humble beginnings. We have made it our mission to create 100% custom styles for each customer, and our goal is to create the perfect look for any occasion.

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Our Clothiers

Meet Megan

Areas Served: Cleveland (East Side), Columbus, Cincinnati

Hear from one of Megan's clients:

"I have worked with Megan for nearly 15 years. Her service and attention to detail when it comes to my clothing needs are exemplary in her industry. There is clearly a difference between "made to measure" and "custom." Megan furnishes my custom suits, sport coats, pants, as well as casual and dress shirts." - Louis M.

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Our Clothiers

Constance Richards 

Constance is highly dedicated to her clients and knows how to meet the needs of each one on a personal level, creating styles that fit them best and match their vision for their wardrobe.

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Our Clothiers

Madison  Yankovich 

Madison is passionate about going above and beyond while providing the best service to her clientele. You are guaranteed an upbeat and high-energy attitude that will far exceed your expectations.  Madison looks forward to meeting you to take your exact measurements and advice on the best custom choices  that  fits you!

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Why Custom

At J&A Custom Clothing, we often get asked why clients should opt for custom clothing. The answer is simple: custom clothing is made with you in mind! We can create any style of garment that you want, and make it exactly how you want it.

Explore the key benefits of custom clothing below:

Make Your Look 100% You

From the fabric to the fit to the style and color, you can make all of your choices entirely on your own terms.

You can choose the type of fabric, its weight and texture; decide on the size, length and cut; pick out every single detail from buttons to pockets; select a color or pattern that speaks to your personality—and then have it made just for you.

Tailored To Your Budget

With options for any budget, our personalized service will help you get a look that's all yours from start to finish. Our wide selection of fabrics and styles ensures you can create a custom piece that will match your desired price point.

Our custom garments come in three styles—Basic, Premium, and Luxury—each with a wide selection of colors and fabrics to make them your own.

Personalized Service From Expert Clothiers

Customized clothing also means personalized service, including consultations on how to best wear your new clothes, measurements taken by experts in the field, and fine-tuning that ensures everything looks just right when it arrives at your door.


J&A Custom Clothing is hiring clothiers to utilize their expertise and work with our clients to craft their custom looks. This is a commission-based position where you will meet with customers, take measurements, and suggest styles to complement occasions (e.g., weddings) and personal preferences. Familiarity with bespoke and custom offerings is required.

While our shop resides in Northeast Ohio, we welcome clothiers from across the country to work with our national customer base.

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